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How to be a successful subacquirer?

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Humanized customer relations

Having fast and efficient human service, which is knowledgeable about the market and new technologies, is essential to save time when resolving day-to-day demands and possible doubts that may arise. Your client needs to have access to operational resources such as an application or management panel to make advance payments, view sales and receivables dates.

Remember that this service will also affect your end customer. 

Risk and compliance

Credit card fraud rates are really high in several countries, and Brazil is not left out. Card cloning is the main fraud suffered by Brazilian consumers, and almost half of them (48%) occurred during online purchases.

Therefore, it is very important that your operation has very clear risk rules and safe and effective anti-fraud solutions in order to reduce these threats.

Receivables management

You need to have a difference in your business since the market is becoming more competitive every day. Therefore, having the flexibility to define rules for dividing the amounts of a sale (split), anticipation of receivables to provide cash for your client and customized sales plans with different rates for each client will represent a great difference.

However, to achieve this, your team needs to be flexible, so that your client does not waste time integrating with financial institutions and developing technologies for aspects that are not the core of their business.

Omnichannel Strategy

Retailers are increasingly offering payments in both the physical and online worlds. Serving both worlds in a unified and centralized way is a subacquirer's duty nowadays. More than 90% of transactions made in Brazil take place physically. 

Creating personalized products for your customers integrated into all sales channels such as POS (machines), payment links, integration plugins with e-commerce platforms are differentiators nowadays.

Sales reconciliation

Sales reconciliation is one of the most important and fundamental steps in the financial process for retailers. Anyone who works with sales management on a daily basis knows how manual and stressful this validation can be.

Your financial team needs to be trained and qualified so that you can create your reconciliation product, not only providing the channel for withdrawing the buyer's money, but offering tools that automate the receivables checking routine. Perhaps this topic is the most unknown as there are finite rules and adjustments that your company needs to make before starting operations. 

Centralized settlement

Your company needs to comply with the Interbank Payment Chamber (CIP), which centralizes the settlement of card receivables, in addition to making agreements with card brands, presenting guarantees and PCI certifications, or PCI DSS. A 

 Centralized settlement is just the tip of the iceberg in the payments arrangement chain.

Team of experts

Setting up a subacquiring operation without thinking about the human resources that will carry out your operation is probably one of the critical paths of your project. Pricing team, risk team, anticipation team, technology team and logistics team, in general, are some of the areas that your company will need to create with priority since they are vital areas for the success of an operation.

Acquisition project management

Last but not least, is having a vision and management of the project as a whole, managers will be important for each area, however, having a team that guides your company to success and understanding the entire process of the payment chain is a task for few and we are here to help your company with that.


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